Custom Synthesis


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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Based on our own protected amino acids,Hanhong can provide custom synthesis peptides at lowest price in China.

Custom RNA,DNA Cynthesis

万博manbetx体育怎么样Based on the core technologies of the RNA,DNA monomer synthesis, the modified siRNA,DNA oligo synthesis and the fluorescent labeling ,Hanhong provide whole-angle custom DNA,RNA synthesis,. Low price, high quality and quick deliver is our advantage.

Custom Organic Synthesis

With strong research and production teams equipped with top quality facilities , we can provide Custom Synthesis products from grams, kilograms to tons, especially heterocyclic building blocks and chiral chemicals.








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Custom Synthesis

                                        ******Custom Peptide Synthesis ******             More....

Hanhong Scientifc has total of 50 chemists directly involved in custom peptide synthesis, Relying the manual solid-phase synthesis techniques and different solution phase synthesis techniques, hanhong can meet customers' requirements for peptides in commercial scale.
Rang of Serevices
Linear peptide:less than 60 residues, quantity from mg to kg, purity can reach 99%
Simple modified peptides: acetylation, amidation (C-terminal)
Complex modified peptides: phosphopeptides, myristic acid, fatty acid, cyclic peptides, peptides with s-s bonds, fluorescein (FITC&FAM) , biotin labeled peptides, peptide protein conjugation (KLH&BSA), special amino acide and their derivatives
The range of purity: crude
Peptide Synthesis Department:
Tel: +86-21-54300995
Cell: +86-(0)18918931399
Fax: +86-21-54291107

******Custom DNA RNA Synthesis******           More....

Hanhong itself manufactures DNA,RNA Phosphoramidites, Relying the solid phase synthesis technology ,Hanhong can receive custom DNA,RNA synthesis at different scale.
DNA,RNA Synthesis Department:
Tel: +86-21-54300995
Cell: +86-(0)18918931399
Fax: +86-21-54291107

******Organic Building Blocks Custom Synthesis******        More....

Hanhong’s core competence is the industrial technology of manufacturing of unnatural amino acids, protected amino acids, peptides ,nucleosides, nucleotides and Heterocyclic Building Blocks. We have four multifunction chemical plants, one pilot plant, one waste water treating plant and  fifteen labs. Custom Organic Building blocks synthesis is our core business.

Custom Organic Synthesis Department:
Tel: +86-21-54308253
Fax: +86-21-54291107


Sales Department :Room 206-209, NO.1 Building , NO.245,Jiachuan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China .
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